In 1965, Holiday Towers, a high-rise apartment building designed by architects Yecko & Zbikowski, was built on land that had contained private homes and boarding houses.  It is comprised of 91 units: seven efficiency, 27 two-bedroom and 57 one-bedroom apartments.  National Capital Companies of State College were owners/operators.

The building, located at 200 Highland Avenue, became the first high-rise condominium in State College when, in 1980, National Capital formed the Regency Square Association in order to convert it to condominium units.  Building tenants were encouraged to purchase several units at a discount for investment purposes.

Regency Square has undergone numerous renovations.  The most extensive alterations were made at the time of conversion by Bucher Myers Associates of Washington, DC. Improvements to the common areas included a new parking lot, exterior door canopy, lobby furnishings, hallway carpeting, new laundry facilities and a new card and game room.  Individual units were refurbished with wall-to-wall carpeting, A/C units, cable TV and kitchen appliances.  This year, the hallways and lobby areas were upgraded with paint, furnishings, and new carpet.

Renovations were made in 1986 to the basement and storage areas and a Duradek waterproof membrane was applied to all balconies in 1994 under the supervision of State College architects John C. Haas Associates.  In 2002, Eastern Elevator Service & Sales Company totally refurbished both elevators.

The current Association organization has undergone numerous revisions since 1980. The first Council consisted of three Council members, all affiliated with the parent company.  Later, the Council was increased to five members, giving broader representation to owners. The first set of Rules and Regulations was adopted in 1982.  

The Office position was initially designated as “Secretary.” The first long-term secretary, Lee Bruce, was hired in 1984. In 1986, Maggie Foster, Office Bookkeeper, was hired as Office Manager when Ms. Bruce resigned and her title was later changed to Coordinator, more in keeping with the duties of the Office.  Mary Ann Walker succeeded Mrs. Foster at her retirement in June, 1999.  Pat Simpson replaced Ms. Walker and served as the Coordinator from January 2001 until her retirement in August 2010. Kathy Evey, the current Coordinator, began at the Regency Square Office in August 2010.

From 2011 until the end of 2014, several upgrades were done in the building.  These upgrades include programmable heaters with the addition of a heater in the main lobby, new sconces in the common areas, new carpet  and finished oak baseboard in the hallways and lobbies on all seven floors, and furnishings, pictures and other décor in every lobby area.  

Summer 2014 a major electrical project was completed.  The building's aluminum wiring was upgraded for safety reasons and to improve our insurability at competitive premium costs.  The wiring repairs were completed in every unit and in the entire common areas.  

The repairs were done by using a system called COPALUM and it is manufactured by TYCO, a proprietary entity.  The COPALUM system is the only approved aluminum wiring repair by the U.S. Department of Consumer Safety as a "permanent" fix.  It is also the only permanent repair accepted by the insurance industry. This undertaking took three months to complete.  Every aluminum wire connection in the building was repaired by certified COPALUM trained electricians.  

Over the years, Regency Square residents have adapted to the challenges of change, maintaining a sense of community while working together in an atmosphere of comfort and stability they call "home".
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